If you’re serious about gaining muscle or losing weight, an ordinary scale may not be the best option for you. The ordinary scales record only your weight; they don’t tell you more about your body fat percentage, body muscle mass or the improvement you are making.

Thankfully the best body fat scales will perform these essential functions for you and much more. However, with the wide variety of body fat scales on the market, it is possible you will find it confusing to find the best one purchase.

To help you do your purchasing easier, we researched and listed the top 10 best most accurate body fat scales in 2019 for you to check out.


1. GoWISE USA Digital Body Fat Scale

When it comes to body fat scales, the GoWISE USA is at the top of its class. This scale features a stylish, sleek design and comes with an impressive variety of functions. It is FDA approved to measure body fat, body water, and bone mass. It is made using high-quality tempered glass that cannot easily break or crack. The tempered glass has a glossy back finishing with makes the scale attractive.

This body fat scale is equipped with four high precision stainless steel sensors underneath the glass platform so that you can get accurate results.  Moreover, it has a built-in memory with enough memory to store information for up to eight users.  It can measure up to 400 pounds without any issue. One of the best features on this scale is the ability to switch between the non-athlete and athlete mode. When you switch to the athlete mode, it uses advanced software to calculate accurate results for highly active individuals. Another great thing about this scale is the large bright LED display that allows you to see the result easily.

2. ABYON Bluetooth Scales Digital Body Fat Scale

The next product on our list is this ABYON Digital Body Fat and Weight Scale that is another great choice regarding efficiency and convenience. This is a versatile scale, which allows you to measure 11 different body compositions in1detection. These 11 body compositions include body weight, water %, Fat-free Body Weight, BMI, Skeletal Muscle, Body Fat%, Bone Mass, Body Age, Protein and Basal Metabolism.

The ABYON scale supports an unlimited number of users; therefore you can easily track your family members’ health status as well as anybody who has used this scale.  It comes with Bluetooth 4 connection, which allows you to easily take your reading and analyze your body metrics in your tablet or smartphone. Thanks to the thick tempered glass construction that is shattered, crack, and scratch resistant, therefore you will know that this device will last you for a very long time. Overall, this scale easy to use, long-lasting, versatile and highly accurate.


3.  Yunmai Premium Smart Body Fat Scale

Are you looking for the best smart body fat scale that will help you to track your weight at home easily? Then, the Yunmai Premium Smart Body Fat Scale is a perfect choice for you. Compared to other models on the market this scale is very and will show you reading with a minimal error of 0.2lbs.

The Etekcity Digital Bathroom Scale is an auto-calibrated device that will help you keep track of your weight at home. Compared to many other models on the market, this appliance has a very high accuracy and will show your current weight with minimal errors of 0.2 lb. This scale can take 10 different essential health measurement including weight, bone mass, body fat, body age, visceral fat, BMR, protein, BMI, water, and muscle rate. It also comes with the affordable price compared to other models on the market.

4. EatSmart Products Getfit Digital Body Fat Scale

If you are looking for a model that is very accurate and precise and has quite very interesting functions, then the EatSmart Products Getfit Digital Body Fat Scale is a good option for you.  This is an excellent scale for people who are serious about taking control of their health.  It measures most important health metrics such as weight, bone mass, BMI and water percentage. Furthermore, it is fitted with 4 high precision sensors which ensure accurate and consistent measurement.

The EatSmart Products scale can store up eight different users’ personal profiles. It features the auto recognition software that enables it to identify these users as soon as they step on the scale. This device also comes with the step-on-technology which enables you to get instant readings without tapping to turn on the screen. The oversized 3.5-inch LCD display makes it easy to use. Lastly, the scale comes with an easy to read the instruction manual that help you how to operate and use it.


5. Etekcity Smart Bluetooth Body Fat Scale

If you are looking for the best body scale that can give you lots of data, the Etekcity Smart Bluetooth Body Fat Scale is a good option for you. This scale can measure 13 essential body measurements including weight, body fat, bone mass, muscle mass, body water, and more.  It is equipped with 4 high precision sensors which allow the scale to make instant and accurate readings. It is made from a tempered glass, which makes it quite robust. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about the scale breaking easily.

Furthermore, this smart body fat scale is compatible with Bluetooth enabled devices. This will allow you to sync the scale to your smartphone or tablet, where it will then display all your data in graph or chart form so you can easily track your fitness and weight goals. The scale allows an unlimited number of users and it automatically recognizes each user. It features a stylish hidden LED display, which provides clear and bright reading even in poor light conditions.

Conclusion: To get the best fat scale that offer delivers good results; the top 5 body fat scales that we have reviewed are the best. They are durable and simple to use.