Fitness trackers come in different varieties, each equipped with special features suitable for their tracking and monitoring function. Activity bands and clip-on trackers are some of the most sought-after varieties, though there are many other types available. With the waterproof ones, you can use it even in the rain or water.

Fashion & lifestyle, fitness level & budget are some of the considerations that inform one’s choice of a smart bracelet. If you are keen on finding a suitable smart wristband, there are particular top brands that you may want to check out. Some of these include Xiaomi, Misfit, Fitbit, and Garmin.

Unlike ordinary pedometers, modern fitness trackers use your phone’s GPS systems to help you monitor and track your route during workouts. You also get to see your speed, distance and time statistics from a smartphone application. Most fitness trackers come with inbuilt heart rate and blood pressure monitoring function. Others also come with a sleep tracking function for monitoring sleep cycles.

In this review, we have rounded up waterproof fitness trackers with some of the coolest features. Here you’ll find the best fitness trackers that are compatible with Apple Health and Google Fit. Most of them also pair well with higher Bluetooth versions, Android and iOS platforms. They include the following:


1. Dawo Activity Fitness Tracker with a color screen and heart rate monitor

This is an activity tracker with a pedometer function for tracking your speed and distance during workouts. You also get an approximate value of your calorie consumption rate during sports activities.

Dawo fitness tracker is IP67 waterproof rated. As such, it can be worn while showering or swimming at a maximum depth of 3m. It has a sleep monitoring function for tracking your sleep cycles. And you get a comprehensive report of your wake, deep, and light sleep cycles via a special mobile app. Such statistics can be used to evaluate one’s sleep quality and duration. This smart bracelet has a female physiological period reminder, a function that can be used by ladies to monitor and track periods, fertility, pregnancy and other related aspects.

If you are hypertensives or diabetics, you really need to keep your heart rate and blood pressure in check. Dawo fitness tracker offers the best way to do just that. It has inbuilt heart rate and blood pressure sensors that allow one to track these parameters in real time. And just like its sleep monitoring function, you also get a comprehensive analytical report with all related blood pressure and heart rate statistics in-app.

The sedentary reminder function causes the smart wristband to vibrate whenever you are seated and inactive for longer than normal periods. Do you love photo shoots? I love them too. And guess what, this waterproof fitness tracker is a selfie expert. It comes with a photo shoot function that makes it easy to control your phone’s camera remotely. This allows you to take cool pics and selfies to capture fun moments with friends wherever you go.


2. HuaWise color screen waterproof Fitness Tracker

This fitness tracker comes with a number of sports modes for tracking your daily activities. It has an inbuilt pedometer for monitoring distance, steps, and speed during workouts. A calorie counter estimates your daily calorie consumption rate.

HuaWise pairs with Bluetooth v4.0+ enabled handsets. It is also compatible with Android 5.1+ and iOS 8.0+. This fitness tracker has a call & SMS reminder function that sends real-time alerts whenever you have incoming calls on text message on your handset. The call & SMS function also works for social media notifications.

You want to monitor your blood pressure and heart rates? HuaWise fitness tracker comes with integrates silicon sensors to help with this. Whether you are relaxing indoors or are out jogging, HuaWise fitness tracker monitors your blood pressure and heart rate round the clock. If you are struggling with insomnia, this tracker comes with a sleep monitoring function. This allows you to track sleep patterns all night long. At the end of it, you get a detailed in-app report of your deep, wake, and light sleep patterns.

The HuaWise fitness tracker is IP67 waterproof rated. You can, therefore, wear this smart bracelet while swimming or in the shower. It also works perfectly well in rainy conditions. Your arms get really drenched with sweat during workouts? No worries! This fitness tracker works fine, swat or no sweat.


3. MorePro waterproof fitness tracker with heart rate and blood pressure monitors

Monitoring blood pressure and heart rate is especially critical for hypertensives, diabetics, and individuals with other heart conditions. MorePro waterproof fitness tracker helps one take charge of their Blood Pressure and heart rate all day every day. Following a period of tracking, you get a detailed in-app report on the status of your heart rate and blood pressure. This real-time report is sent automatically to your handset routinely.

If you are into sports like athletics, bodybuilding and the likes, keeping an eye on calorie consumption is key. MorePro fitness tracker offers the best way to keep track of your calories. It comes with a pedometer function for tracking distance, speed and time whenever you go jogging outdoors.

This tracker uses your phone’s GPS system to approximate your route and exact location during workouts. This makes it easy to trace your way back home when jogging in new surroundings. Do you want to monitor your sleep? MorePro has your covered. It has an auto sleep monitor function makes it easy to track and evaluate your sleep quality and duration. Its female physiological reminder function allows ladies to monitor their days. Track your periods, fertility cycle and even pregnancy from your wristband.

4. Temexe waterproof fitness tracker

If you want to monitor your steps, distance and workout speed, the Temexe waterproof fitness tracker has a pedometer function for that. Its calorie counter lets you track amount of calories burnt daily during workouts.

Its sleep monitor system lets you track every second of your sleep. At the end of each session, you get with a comprehensive report which you can use to evaluate your sleep consistency, quality, and duration.

The heart rate monitor tracks your heartbeat with every passing second. It works with a WearFit 2.0 mobile app that allows you to access real-time heart rate reports on your mobile. Temexe waterproof fitness tracker has call, message & SNS reminder function that vibrates whenever you have an incoming call, text message or social media alert. It is compatible with Bluetooth v4.0+, Android 4.4, and iOS 7.1+.


5. Willful IP68 waterproof fitness tracker

This is a slim and lightweight wristband that comes with a wrist sensor switch which lights up the screen whenever this is worn bracelet is on your arm. This helps to conserve battery charge by only powering the screen during workouts.

The willful fitness tracker is IP68 waterproof rated, therefore works perfectly while swimming, in the shower or even in the rain. If your arms get really wet with sweat whenever you go jogging outdoor, no need to worry yourself! Willful fitness tracker performs normally, sweat or no sweat.

It comes with a 24-hour heart rate and blood pressure monitor. You also get real-time analytical reports on the same.

Conclusion: That marks the end of our list of Top 5 best waterproof fitness trackers. We have provided detailed descriptions for each product. Be sure to compare and contrast the features and pros in order to find what suits you best. Also, remember to check the links provided to get the best deals on Amazon.