Juicing is one of the best ways to get more nutrients out of your food. By juicing vegetables and fruits you can get vitamins, minerals, enzymes and trace minerals. Now there are many ways to juice up. You can use a good old squeezer or a blender but there is a better way and this is by using a juicer machine.

A juicer machine will juice up fruits, vegetables, and herbs using efficient blades. This will juice up all the parts of a fruit or vegetable so there’s no wastage. Updated juicer machines come with different blades and accessories that can grind more efficiently. There are a number of good features that you might find useful in a juicer which is why we have listed down ten of the best ones this year. So shop smart and get the best juicer that’s right for your needs here.


1. AICOK Juicer Machine

Get the most out of your vegetables and fruits by using a slow masticating juicer. This is a cold press juicer and masticating juicer in one. It comes with the most updated 7-segment spiral system that can grind, press and masticate all kinds of fresh juices in the fastest time.

You will get more yields with minimal oxidation and the most nutritious results.

This machine comes with a pulp separator which will separate the pomace from the juice. It extracts the juice easily too minus so much pulp. Compared to your old juicer and other kitchen appliance, the AICOK juicer is quiet. You will find this easy to assemble, easy to use and a jiff to clean. The parts of this machine are dishwasher safe. It has a stable body so you can enjoy juicing quietly.

Conclusion: The AICOK Juicer Machine lets you get the nutritious benefits of juicing because of its slow masticating features using its improved juicer system. It can juice the fastest and can juice up even wheatgrass with its efficient system. It is easy to assemble and is quiet, but not as quiet as other people like it to be. It is not to be used for extended times because the motor may overheat.

2. Omega Juicers J8006HDS Nutrition Center Juicer

You can juice all you want and still live peacefully and quietly with the Omega Juicers J8006HD Nutrition Center Juicer. This is a quiet, slow speed masticating juicer that will change the way you juice up fruits and veggies forever.

This is a very efficient juicer that can also be used to prepare all kinds of food. For instance, this can turn nuts to butter, grind coffee, create baby food and mince herbs especially garlic. This machine will also whip up frozen desserts and soy milk in an instant. Because of its low speed, there is minimal heat buildup when in use.

This can turn fruits and vegetables into dry pulp. It has automatic pulp-ejection, with four stabilizing feet and whispers quiet operation.

Conclusion: The Omega Juicers Nutrition Center Juicer will be able to extract more nutrients, give you more juice and can operate at faster speeds. It can do more than juice your produce but it will also make fine natural peanut butter and coffee. However, it has a small feeding tube, therefore, you must cut your fruits first before placing it in.


3. Aicok Juicer Masticating Slow Juicer

The Aicok Juicer Masticating Slow Juicer lets you juice all kinds of fruits and vegetables. It offers better juice yields and nutrients because of its fine centrifugal juicers. This is easy to clean and has an anti-drip design. It is easy to install with a safety sensor button if this is not installed properly. It will not power on when it is not installed properly. It comes with a two-year warranty which is good value for your money.

Conclusion: The Aobosi Juicer Masticating Slow Juicer is a juicer that will provide you with more juice, more nutrients, and better value for your money. It can be hard to clean with so many removable parts and may work slowly but trust that it is a good juicer to try especially when you are juicing for the first time.

4. Aicok 1000W Powerful Juicer Machine

The Aicok is a 1000 w powerful juicer machine that can take whole veggies and fruits. It has a larger vegetable and fruit feeder chute which means you don’t need cut large veggies and fruits anymore just to fit inside its feeding chute.

This is a dual speed centrifugal force juicer with two controls to adjust the speed of the juicer to fit your needs. You will also be getting a brush so you can easily clean the juicer after every use.

You also get a 2-year quality warranty. You will get free customer service to help you resolve any issue.

Conclusion: The Aicok is a powerful centrifugal juicer that can juice up whole fruits and veggies. It has dual speed controls so you can use this according to your needs. This is easy to clean and comes with an anti-drip function however it juices very slowly and still gives you wet pulp.


5. SLC Juice Extractor

The SLC Juice Extractor will give you dual speed cutting for larger fruits and vegetables. It operates on centrifugal force, therefore, it is efficient and therefore a good model to consider for juicing. It has a wider mouth, large pulp container, safety lid and more. It also comes with an overload protection feature that can protect your motor and protects from overheating.

Conclusion: The SLC Juice Extractor is an efficient juicer for fruits and vegetables. It has a wider mouth, safety lid and has overload protection. It may slowly juice up produce and may be a little loud but still makes an efficient juicer model to try.