Ottoman Poufs, now there’s one thing your house can’t get enough of. Buy a pouf for your feet nursery while you proceed reading on your novel book after a long day, and you still need another for an extra seat during a party or movie and many more to be ready for surprising guests. May be you need a casual quick table, top with a tray, to serve in style, a pouf can also answer your call.

Its versatility is why it is loved by many, but also because it is mostly inspired by art and nostalgia of knitted textiles adding traditional or artistic styles and complementing colors to your living room or bedroom. One of these 5 Versatile Ottoman Poufs of 2019 will get your family members asking for more.


1. Keter 3 Piece Compact Indoor/Outdoor Table

No Pouf provides a more modern look than the Keter 3 Piece Compact Indoor and Outdoor Knit Furniture Set. Designed to blend into a wide array of outdoor and indoor décor, the furniture set includes 2 seating poufs, otherwise used as a footstool, that provides cozy comfortable seating with its concave shape top, and a coordinating storage table, a multi-functional end/ table/ storage bin to hold your beer, snack, or a quick storage for your books, your sunglasses, and your other accessories.

You can expect a beautiful knitted textures, and natural contemporary knit colors that make up its artisan knit finish. The Keter 3 Piece set is the perfect conversational seating adding the final gorgeous touch to your back patio or your kids’ tea parties or a corner decoration of your living room. Light and compact design allows it to fit any small space. When it is not of use to you, it can stack together, condensing into an hourglass shape that you can leave in a closet or shed or decorate your living space with its artistic condensed form.

– Table: 16 w x 16 D x 16.3 H inches   – Seat: 22.3 W x 22.3 D x 12.5 H inches
– Weight Capacity: 242 lbs each
– Table capacity: 10 Gallons of storage space.

The durable material used is rust proof, all weather polypropylene resin with exceptional weather endurance. Each of the polypropylene resin construction holds up to 242 pounds. In addition to sturdiness, the furniture set is ensured with UV protection to retain the beauty of its color.

The great quality is only great if it survives the shipping without damage. Since the three pieces are plastic, it can be victim to crushing. The only real defect of the product, however, is the lid on the table that sits slightly crooked and could fall in too easily, but it seems a minor problem to fix. At the end of the day, you will appreciate you have purchase the Keter 3 Piece Compact Furniture Set.


2. Maisonmarrakech Handmade Leather Footstool Marrakech Tan Brown

The maisonmarrakech leather footstool is a great item to have for home décor and for home gift. It comes in many exciting colors such as tan brown, lilac, black, silver, white, turquoise, white, pink, green, orange, yellow and it is 100% handmade Moroccan Pouf with 100% high quality leather and beautiful embroidered design. It’s gorgeous looking pattern and the variations in the leather tones already give it an expensive look.

It has many practical use from seats to footstools to decorative side tables. If you have many unused pillow or blanket, T-shirt lying around, then buy this and stuff it all in because the pouf comes unstuffed. In this case, it gives you the choice of weight and pouf strength adjustment.

– Item Weight: 1.76 pounds
– Product Dimensions: 20.9 x 20.9 x 11 inches

Here’s the stinky defect of the pouf; it can smell like dead livestock for a while, so make sure to leave it out in the air for a few day. Some of us might not like the idea that the product came from dead animals. But if you are not one of them, this beauty is really worth your consideration.

3. Majestic Home Goods Links Indoor/Outdoor Bean Bag Ottoman Pouf

A comfortable foot stool conforming to your feet and relieves your pressure points, or an instant casual table or board game holder, that is the Majestic Home Goods Links Ottoman Pouf Cube, available in black, gray, navy blue, purple, red, soft pink, teal, and yellow. Its convenient size makes it a portable cube from home, porch, to deck, and pontoon boat. Other than that, it is great for kids’ room because of its fun shape and pattern, dorm rooms, basements, bedrooms, etc.

Removable Zippered Slipcover makes it easy to remove and clean; it is machine washable, just don’t wash the bean inside. The spot clean easily with mild detergent and dry hang. Should you need a new cover, there are replacement covers available for purchase.

– Dimensions: 17 x 17 x 17 Inches
– Item Weight: 6 pounds

Its cover is outdoor treated polyester, with 1000 hours outdoor UV protection, and 300/600 Waterproof Denier Base. The beads inside are recycled Polystyrene, environmentally friendly, highly durable, comfortable for long hour sitting, also reducing wear and tear. The good thing about this is there are no bad things about it; something you will appreciate.


4. Ashley Furniture Signature Design

Put your Ashley Furniture Signature Design Benedict Pouf to work in many ways, whether that be a cozy footrest, an impromptu casual coffee table, or an extra comfy snuggly spare seat. Besides being designed with handmade, textured aesthetic, it is dressed in soft neutral light, natural beige hue, adding a layer of warmth to maintain the color balance in almost any décor style; it is guaranteed to instantly transform your space though.

– Item Weight: 8 pounds
– Product Dimensions: 18 x 18 x 16 inches

You will not be disappointed with its strength, your Benedict Pouf is a very firm stool, stuffed with dense polystyrene filling, great support for holding its shape. On the outside, it is wrapped in handmade wool cover with zipper closure.

The setback are the fabric being rough for some and you do not want it much for outdoor use; if you do, it is best somewhere weather free. On the plus side, it does not smell like leather pouf.

5. Ashley Furniture Signature Design

Unwind your mind with a cozy foot rest at the end of the day or settle for a fun board game on a stylish impromptu tabletop that is the Ashley Furniture Signature Design Abraham Pouf. Dressed in white and brown soothing neutral geometric pattern, your Abraham Pouf sits as the main attraction in your living room. This Earthly and Heavenly pattern complements a variety of décor styles, from Midwestern to Traditional. It is an instant space transformer making everything else look great in the house, a true style modifier.

– Item Weight: 5 pounds
– Product Dimensions: 14 x 14 x 20 inches

As for the filling, it is stuffed with dense, shape retaining EPS beads, so you will always have a firm pouf ottoman by your side, light weight, but very solid, draped in cotton cover. The convenient zipper closure allows easy cover maintenance or change for a better cover. Only a minor defect of the Abraham Pouf is the material can be a bit rough for some. This aside, it is a firm ottoman with versatility in style and function, adding some new accent into your house.