Some folks find gardening a really peaceful thing, it helps them to calm their mind and get involved in a process that acts as a stress buster and is also rewarding at the same time. A lot of effort goes into the whole process but the end result is always soothing and great.

Over the years, with the various changes in the traditional form of gardening, it has become a lot easier. One of the tools that is great for gardening is the best soil moisture meter. Soil moisture meters are devices which enable one to get a reading of the moisture content of the soil and one can easily carry them anywhere because of their compact size.

There are a lot of varieties to choose from. While some can get some extra task done, others will only do the least required.

Here is a list of the 5 best soil moisture meters review that is trending in the market right now.

1. FIXKIT Soil Moisture Meter

If you’re looking for a soil meter that’s cheap yet fulfills all of your needs, look no further than this model from FIXKIT. Simple and easy to use, it scores high on both practicality and functionality. It makes a complicated job easy with 10 clearly marked moisture levels, and the best part is it doesn’t even need any batteries or electricity. Just plug in the probes and get your readings in a matter of seconds.

2. Etekcity Indoor/Outdoor Soil Moisture Sensor Meter

This moisture meter is really flexible when it comes to taking readings. There are a total of ten scales in this sensor which provides you with a range of readings. The reading system is colour coded making it easier to operate.

Another plus point of this one is that you do not need any power source to operate this piece. The probe is deep enough to probe to the level of the roots and thus can provide quite an accurate reading.

Our Verdict: Quite good and easy to use for beginners. The deep probe and colour coded scales enables proper consistent readings.


3. Soil pH Meter, 3-in-1 Soil Test Kit For Moisture

This version offers one to take three measurements- moisture content, light intensity and pH level. However, unlike the MoonCity it does not allow you to measure the soil temperature. To take the readings, you will need to leave the device in the soil for some time, say about 10 minutes.

To ensure that each time you get a correct reading, the probes need to be cleaned thoroughly after every use. This device can be used both for indoor and outdoor purposes, it works great for gardening allowing you to get a correct measurement of the moisture and pH content thereby enabling proper gardening techniques.

Our Verdict: With its ease of use and its ability to provide 3 different readings it is simply an amazing tool for measuring the moisture content. The only downside is that one has to wait to get the readings.

4. REOTEMP Garden and Compost Moisture Meter (17 Inch Stem)

This one is bit different than the ones listed above. For the most obvious difference, the probe is quite longer than the others styles generally available.

With its 17 inch long probe, you can easily poke it in far deeper to take the moisture content of the soil. However this does not allow you to take other readings such as the pH levels or the amount of sunlight that the soil is receiving.

This simple robust model is quite good at its task, giving accurate readings and making gardening an enjoyable activity. It measure the electrical conductivity that is relative the content of salt in the soil. It even comes in with one AAA calibrated battery.

Our Verdict: Go for this only if you want a simple device to begin with. It is quite nice with a longer probe and easy to calibrate feature.


5. General Tools And Instruments MMD4E Soil Moisture Meter

Another product which scores high on usability and convenience is this high-end model from the very eminent General Tools and Instruments. This tool is ideally suited for contractors to measure moisture content in buildings and also as a gauge for measuring water damage outside the garden. This can also be used as a leak detector in case of a flood or a similar emergency. Aesthetics-wise, it might not be the most flashy tool in the world but it certainly gets the job done.