Speakers are one of the greatest achievements modern technology has given to us. However, not all kinds of speakers will suit and meet our different taste and standards. There will always be types that will stand out among others. This review talks about the top 5 best outdoor speaker in order to help every consumer find the best speakers of their choice.

And since music has always been a part of our lives, make sure to read this review before buying so that you in yourself will find a great choice without any regret. Lastly, to become a wise user, you must do some extra research and reading in order to come up with the best product.

This review will be your guide in choosing the best outdoor speaker. With different features and abilities, you will find different outdoor speakers that might interest you. Find your sought-after outdoor speakers with ensured durability and great features in this best of the best outdoor speakers list.


1. Bose Free Space 51 Outdoor In-Ground Speakers (Green)

This small but terrible environmental speaker will definitely add ambiance to your little garden. With a dimension of about 29.1 x 15.9 x 16 inches, this speaker weighs 21.6 pounds. This rugged speaker features an innovative circular design that radiates sound out in a 360 degree pattern; this will ensure that you can still enjoy its loud beat even in an open area or space. This speaker looks like a cooking pot physically but this design has a purpose which is to withstand temperature from -40 to 150 degree Fahrenheit.

Another great feature of this speaker is the fact that it passed the rigorous salt fog test of 66%, where this percentage is longer than what is required by the Marine Industry Standard. It has a recommended power of 10-100 watts and it can reproduce low frequency notes for a high impact experience. It has also base flange and mounting holes for an easy installation. With its green colour, it can be an additional eye-catcher to your garden.

Conclusion: You cannot use this speaker without direct connection. This means that you need a connection or amplifier to power them. However, this kind of speaker has different purpose aside from its main function which is to produce loud beats. This speaker might also serves as an ornament at your garden or backyard while you can also enjoy your favourite music. Its fog test result gives you confidence when it comes to durability.


2. JBL Control X 5.25″ Indoor/Outdoor Speaker – Pair (Black)

This pair of JBL black speaker is perfect for indoor and outdoor mounting. It is a powerful all-weather speaker for home and business use. It has high definition imaging waveguide (HDI) that provides outstanding imaging in natural balance and remarkable detail from any location. From its colour, shape, dimension and weight, it will surely fit to any part of your house or to any place you want to bring it with.

Its physical features includes the all-new design echoes with an updated spin to control outside factors, sleek angled profile for a more modern look with front and rear protective trim. This speaker produces good and clean sound which is perfect for any occasion. The integration of its systemGold blinding post terminals will secure a high quality connection to its receiver or multi zone amplifier. Includes bracket that will enable you to tilt and rotate it to its listeners.

Conclusion: It’s plain and simple! That’s how I describe this pair of speaker from JBL. I also like its many features most specially the weatherized rugged feature. In this way, you can be sure that it has a high survival to any weather so you can enjoy it anytime of the year. This can be a good choice speaker.


3. Bose 251 Environmental Outdoor Speakers (Black)

This black speaker from Bose has a total dimension of 15.9 x 12 x 16.9 inches and weighs of 20.2 pounds. This environmental speaker delivers balanced stereo over a wider space so it might suit to mount at your backyard, poolside or any part of your home. It has a multi-chamber bass enclosure for low frequency energy. It can withstand between -22 to 140 degree temperature plus it can be connected easily to stereo components or any Lifestyle system.

Conclusion: These pair of speakers is small but they are a bit heavy. However, they are still portable because they have a smaller sizes compared to other outdoor speakers. It has a good quality stereo and just like other outdoor speaker, this one can stand against almost all weather condition. This is best suited to mount in the walls or any upper surfaces.

4. Polk Audio Atrium 4 Outdoor Speakers (Pair, Black)

These speakers are bigger in size but light in weight. It only weighs 3.5 pounds so you can carry it anywhere you want to. It is weather resistant and in fact, it exceeds the baseline industrial and military specifications for environmental endurance. It has a baffle broad design that can fill a large open outdoor space. It produces good stereo sounds and easy to install as well.

Conclusion: This pair of speaker from Polk Audio Atrium will surely resist to any weather condition. The weight is also quite surprising than what I expected. This speaker performs well however, is not as stylish as other. Nevertheless, with its good performance and features, this deserves to be part of your best choice.


5. Yamaha NS-AW350W All Weather Indoor and Outdoor Speakers

This white speaker has a dimension of 10 x 6 x 5 inches and weighs about 6 pounds. It’s all weather, high quality and durable speakers. This speaker use a 6.5 inch high compliance, polypropylene, mica-filled woofer and 1 inch PEI dome tweet. It will enjoy your favourite beat outdoor or indoor with its good sound production feature.

You can place them on or near your TV or video monitor because the speakers are magnetically shielded. It has also five ways binding post to simplify connection with several different terminations of speaker cable which includes banana plugs.

Conclusion: This Yamaha speaker has a good quality and durable as well. Just like other outdoor speakers, this one has a good performance and can survive to any weather condition. My only issue is its colour, it might get dirt easier , however, its colour will dominantly coincide the colours inside the house. Regardless of its colour, it is entirely good speakers.