Sometimes you may feel uncomfortable in a room due to high humidity. The extra moisture can damp your walls, produce bad smell, bacteria, germs, and increase the cause of allergen, mildew. At the same time, you may feel suffocated due to lack of air circulation and damp weather in a room. Only a dehumidifier can save you from that situation. So, it is considered as an essential appliance for both the hot and wet weather. It controls the humidity of a room and it makes you feel comfortable in a room by increasing airflow and reducing the extra moisture.

It allows cold air to enter your room and helps to get out the warm air. A dehumidifier is perfect for a large living room, office room or basement. As it uses less energy, it is the best solution to avoid a high-energy bill. Here we have compiled the top 5 Dehumidifiers of this year only for you.

1. Vremi 70 Pint Portable Dehumidifier

Vermi dehumidifier is more powerful than any humidifiers which are available in the market. It can humidify up to 4000 square ft. It is able to absorb up to 70 pints of moisture per day and makes the indoor air dry to make you feel comfortable. Moreover, you can adjust the humidity level according to your need.

The water reservoir also has a 9 gallons capacity which is usually an additional benefit than any other dehumidifier’s tanks. You can remove this water tank for washing makes and that makes this product easy to clean. Also, you can attach a hose pipe to drain the collected water.

Conclusion: It has an advanced filtration system that filters and reduces all impurities from the air. The fan removes odor and allows air-circulation in the room. There is a transparent bar on the reservoir portion to monitor the water level. So, you can avoid the over-flow problem easily.

2. Honeywell DH70W 70 pint Energy Star Dehumidifier

Honeywell dehumidifier can humidify till 2000 square feet of space by removing up to 30 pints of moisture within a day. It has a detachable water reservoir with 7 pints capacity. So, you can easily wash this tank to maintain hygiene and it does not spill a lot.

You can connect a hose pipe to the back of the machine for continuing the drainage system and avoiding the over-flowing issue. The air filter removes the allergen and odor from your room and provides you comfortable surroundings. It protects walls, appliance, and furniture from being damp.

Conclusion: This dehumidifier has many safety features to avoid over-heating problems and short circuit issues. You can easily move this dehumidifier from one place to another place with its smooth wheels and side handles.


3. Frigidaire 70-Pint Dehumidifier

This dehumidifier offers you 70 pints of dehumidification per day and protects your home from being damp. The air filter eliminates bacteria, odor, allergen, and keeps a healthier environment in the room. You can check the water level into the water collection tank through a round transparent window.

If the room’s temperature gets too low or too high, then it shuts off automatically. This feature saves energy and your money as well. It also offers many safety features like control lock, 24 hours on or off timer which make it more convenient.

Conclusion: This appliance uses 115V of electricity for dehumidifying your home. You can drain the collected water easily by attaching a hose pipe or detaching the tank. This machine has a durable construction, so it lasts longer than any other dehumidifier.


4. Ivation 70 Pint Energy Star Dehumidifier

The Ivantion Dehumidifier comes with many advanced features and also has a usual portable and small design like the usual dehumidifiers. It can dehumidify 70 pints of moisture in a day up to 4500 square feet of space. You can adjust the moisture level, fan speed with a control button panel and also can set a humidistat program with the timer.

The LCD interface let you know about the humidistat. If your room’s humidity level hits this chosen level, then this appliance shut down automatically. Furthermore, it avoids the overflow problem by shutting off the dehumidification system when the 1.3gallon water reservoir becomes full.

Conclusion: On the back side of the reservoir tank, there is a connector to attach a hosepipe to drain the water from the tank. You can wash the air filters and reservoir easily by removing it.

5. hOmeLabs 4000 Sq Ft Dehumidifier

Every day this hOmeLabs Dehumidifier pulls up to 70 pints of moisture from the air of your home. It covers a large area up to 4000 square feet. It does not only dehumidify the moisture, but also purify the indoor air with air filter. The fan and the air filter eliminate the bad smell from your room and keep the weather healthy and pleasant. It also maintains a proper temperature into the room.

With this product, you can choose a perfect moisture level for your room between 30, 50 and 70 pints according to your room size. This appliance also offers six different settings like automatic defrost, shut-off and restart, and turbo mode. These options make it more convenient and worthy for use.

Conclusion: This appliance lasts long and you do not have to worry about the health hazard. It also avoids the common issues like over-flow, over-heating problem, and also protects various parts of the machine from damaging of freezing water.