For women who adore style and fashion, having a pair of wedge sandals provides a unique appearance, thus protruding a stunning presentation. You find that you can select the best pair of wedge sandals for all-day wear or for a specific occasion that you want to outshine. If great looks are your style, then you need a couple of Wedge Sandals.

You also notice that wedge sandals come in various design style, size, and fashion where you need to select the best to match your attire. Sometimes it becomes a challenge when choosing a pair. You need to consider your favorite style, the material type, and make a wise decision. And to help you out, here is the review of the Top Ten Wedge sandals for 2019.

1. LifeStride Women’s Mexico Wedge Sandal

LifeStride comes in a unique design to fit the needs of every woman who likes to put on wedges. It has the textile and synthetic construction that lasts for a long while providing maximum comfort to your feet. The wedge maintains the shape for long as it features the durable synthetic sole.

You find that the shaft comes in particular measurements of up to 1.5 inches, thus promoting high performance and everyday comfort. The platform itself measures 2.5 inches, where every woman can find the right size for their needs.

2. Pierre Dumas Hester-14 Women’s Platform Wedge

Pierre Dumas is an exclusive wedge for classy women who adore style and fashion. It comes in a unique wedge design while featuring durable and long-lasting synthetic material that last for long. You can get the wedge in your size and color where it comes with perfect straps that enable you to fasten for the ideal fit.

You realize that it’s a beautiful wedge that you can put during any occasion and still match with your perfect dress code. It’s the wedge that every woman will adore as it comes with leather uppers on top and sturdy straps.


3. CLARKS Women’s Lafley Rosen Platform

CLARKS Wedge sandals come in a unique design that promotes comfort and comfortable walking style. You find that the wedge features a durable and robust leather that supports high performance. It also comes with the synthetic sole, which is durable and maintains the original shape.

The wedge perfectly suits every elegant woman as it comes in various color, size, while it’s durable to last for long. You find that the

4. Blowfish Malibu Hapuku Wedge Sandals

The Blowfish wedge comes in an excellent design that promotes every woman’s needs. You find that you can always get the right size, color, and fitting wedge to compliment your dressing for any occasion. The wedge comes in a perfect and long-lasting synthetic construction for survival.

The wedge comes in a unique open toe design that offers maximum comfort. It has a synthetic sole that lasts for a long while maintaining the shape for long so that you can feel comfortable any time you put on the wedge. The wedge is excellent for any occasion and everyday wear.


5. Skechers Cali Women’s Beverlee Wedge Sandal

Skechers Cali comes in an attractive design that promotes high performance. The wedge features a sturdy and durable linen mesh that helps comfort to your feet. You find that the wedge is availed in various styles, color, and size so that you can find the perfect fit for your needs.

The wedge comes in the original synthetic sole that promotes high performance. It can last you for long to suit your needs and also various options for you to find the perfect one for any occasion or event. You only need to select the ideal fit and fasten with reliable straps.


These are the Top five Wedge Sandals for 2019 for every woman. Every woman can find the best wedge to fit their occasion and event.

Most of the prongs come in great design and style while featuring the best material construction to last and serve you for long. One way to find out if you are a wedge wearer is to make a choice and buy a pair for yourself today.