In case your work is based on an industrial plant or some construction site, you will agree with us that an air hose is of great importance. Moreover, there is a need for keeping the hose in a safe and secure manner. Leaving the hose open might subject it to damages. The air hose wheels were invented with the aim of minimizing such issues. Most of these wheels are made of materials like plastic, metal or even fiberglass allowing you to store the hose with much ease. To enjoy the best convenience, the retractable air hose wheel will be the best pick.

Since there are so many varieties of the retractable air hose wheels, it might be very hard for you to know which one will be ideal for you. This is the reason why our research team came up with the reviews of the best retractable air hose wheels in the market today. Before we can proceed, it would be wise for you to know some of the factors to consider when buying. Read through the buyers’ guide below to get that information.

1. Goodyear 27527153G Retractable Air Hose Reel, Max. 300PSI

This hose has been made using quality and impact-resistant materials which makes it one of the best hose reels in the market. The auto-guide system will help in ensuring that the hose gets no kinks. Apart from that, the reel comes with a mounting bracket which makes it very easy for you to mount it on the wall.

With a weight of only 13 pounds, you will enjoy the convenience of carrying it to wherever you want. Additionally, the manufacturer has packaged it in an assortment of colors from which the buyers pick from. Best of all, the manufacturer offers a warranty which helps in protecting the purchase. You should, therefore, purchase this wheel with the highest level of confidence.

2. Giraffe Retractable Air Hose Wheel

This hose reel is made with powder-coated steel which helps in guaranteeing quality. Apart from that, the hose is normally guided by two non-sang rollers which help to do away with any kinks. The strong rewind spring also makes it very easy for you to store the reel.

Being ISO 9001 certified, it shows that it has been tested and approved. Apart from that, it is verified to be very easy to use. Again, the manufacturer has provided a warranty of two years on this product which helps to guarantee its exceptional quality.

3. Goodyear L815153G Retractable Air Hose Wheel, Max. 300PSI

This is yet another retractable air hose reel from a renowned brand. The first thing you will realize about it is the fact that it is well-constructed and in that case very durable. Additionally, it has been made in a way that its mounting will be hassle-free. The non-snag rollers, on the other hand, will help in reducing any abrasion.

One greater feature about the reel is that it has been crafted with powder-coated steel to make sure that it is resistant from corrosion. You need to have the peace of mind when purchasing that it will arrive tamper-free. Generally, this brand aims at making their clients happy so you should buy with confidence.


4. Goplus Retractable Air Hose Wheel, Max.300 PSI

This is not a new name in the industry. The reel has actually been made in two color options from which the buyers will select from. Additionally, it comes at a budget-friendly price compared to many of its competitors. That does not, however, make it unsuitable for the buyers.

With an all-steel construction, you will be confident that this is something which will stand the test of time. Again, the ratchet lock mechanism helps in securing the hose at your desired length. It basically features some lubricated precision bearings for a smooth rewind.

5. REELWORKS Retractable Air Hose Wheel

Partner with REELWORKS and join the fraternity that has been enjoying the best experience from this reel. It has been produced in an assortment of colors to allow you to make a selection from there. The reel also incorporates quality construction which proves that it will stand the test of time.

This hose wheel has been OSHA, RoHS and ISO certified which makes it worth purchasing. You will also appreciate the fact that it is resistant to both water and oil which makes it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. You ought to buy with confidence now that it comes from a reputable brand.