With the availability of LED Portable Projectors on the market today, individuals hooked to the business and entertainment worlds have a reason to smile. In the recent past, projectors were only associated with commercial companies and firms. It was a rare scenario to find an individual owning a projector for personal or commercial use. This fact was associated with the expensive rates and bulky nature of projectors, then.

Portable projectors have brought about significant convenience to individuals who wish to use projectors even while on the go. LED micro projectors now come to you at affordable prices and feature compact design for easy storage and transport. Therefore, with an LED portable projector you can enjoy watching various videos or get to present your business projects or proposals during a tour.

Below, we review the top ten best LED portable projectors in 2019. Stay tuned. You will be better placed to find the best micro projector option for your money.

1. Andyer 805B-Plus Portable Projector LED Mini Projector

The Andyer 805B-Plus Portable Projector ranks among the best LED portable projectors under $100 with no hassle. It’s a device that’s designed for optimum performance. It brings you the latest LED technology that’s deemed to be 20% more bright than ordinary LED light.

What’s interesting, this mini projector is compatible with most HDMI-enabled devices including laptops, tablets, smartphones, Blue-ray DVD players, PS4, media players, among others. You can now begin to watch HD movies and football matches with super clear images at home, during a party, on a dark night, to state but a few areas.

2. PowerLead Gypo UC40 Projector

Among the best LED portable projectors is the PowerLead Gypo UC40 Projector. Right from its appearance, one can tell that this is a unit designed for nothing but optimal performance.

It comes with support for multiple input functions including AV/USB/HDMI/SD/IR. Also, this unit performs extremely well especially in low light conditions thanks to its 800 lumens LED light source. Again, it produces 800*480 HD images for a fantastic cinema experience at home.

What’s more, this pico projector supports various languages including Chinese, German, English, Japanese, French, Spanish, among others which add up to a total of 23 languages.
This LED portable projector is backed with a reliable warranty for worry-free utilization.


3. Wsky T21 1500 Lumens LCD LED Portable Video Projector

WSKY is the proud Company behind the design and realization of this high-performance LED portable projector. It’s an ideal unit for those who wish to spice up their home entertainment especially in dark environments. It’s ideal for displaying music, videos, and pictures from smartphones. Even more, this unit supports video gaming in HD formats such as PS4.

We were also impressed by the built-in stereo speakers and amplifier chip that make utilizing the WSKY portable projector for presentations or entertainment interesting. A 100% satisfaction guarantee is offered on this product for an unquestionable experience.

4. HAUSBELL 1500ANSI Lumen

Are you interested in looking for a projector that will serve you for a long time? Then this projector from Hausbell will make you feel like you struck a goldmine. Hausbell manufacturing company offers good customer service once you buy their product. Moreover, this projector is perfect for dark environments as it projects the best and clear pictures.

Additionally, the projector is very light and suitable for traveling and easy to move it from one room to another. Moreover, it is equipped with HDMI and USB that easily connects to a PlayStation or laptop. An added advantage is that the LED light is not dazzling bright and its perfect for watching a movie.


5. WOWOTO H8 Video Projector

If you are looking for a high-end LED projector, then the WOWOTO H8 Video Projector is worth consideration. It’s a featured-filled unit that provides unquestionable services throughout its lifetime. Among its core performance features is the Mstar 3D decoder chip, DLP technology, 1280*800native resolution, 2000 lumens of brightness, support for HDMI/AV/USB2/USB3/MICRO SD/RJ45 inputs.

What’s interesting, this unit supports WIFI, touch control, and Bluetooth. Its screen that extends up to 300 inches is ideal for gaming or watching your favorite movies. We highly recommend the WOWOTO H8 Video Projector for commercial/personal utilization.


Now you can sit back, relax and watch movies and games at ease because we have got your back by analyzing the top ten best LED portable projectors in 2019. For adventurous people, you can grab one of this portable LED projectors that work well indoors and outdoors and offers the best movie experience or presentation services.