Planning for a trip usually turns out to be a hectic endeavor. This is because you might have a lot of stuff to carry storage space limits yet you. Without any exaggeration, having a rooftop cargo bag can relieve you all those hassles. So, these bags can help you free up the cabin space and allow the passengers to sit more comfortably. Among the pleasurable things is that you don’t have to worry about rain drenching your stuff.

In fact, you only need to select a waterproof bag, and the problem is solved. Unlike the hitch-mounted cargo, you don’t have to install the crossbars with rooftop cargo bags. Though having roof rails is an added advantage, the rooftop bags usually come with long straps that provide other means of securing it. Plus, they offer the much-needed space for stuff portability. Here is your list of the best rooftop cargo bags.

1. RoofBag 100% Waterproof Premium Triple Seal Cargo Bag

Carrying your luggage when going out needs reliable protection. This Roofbag waterproof triple seal cargo bag is the ultimate choice to keep everything safe. Made from heavy-duty canvas and abrasions resistant coating, it keeps your luggage dry throughout. On the other hand, the coating is exceptional for keeping off weather elements from damaging your carried items.

Despite the coating, the bag is safe and doesn’t contain any toxic or banned materials. Whether your vehicle has a roof rail or not, the bag is created to offer a perfect fit. Installation is easy for all vehicles without complications for every vehicle. In fact, the provided straps make fitting simple.

2. AUPERTO Waterproof Roof Storage Bag for Truck ATV Canvas Jeep

As you think of carrying extra luggage, the easiest way is getting it to the rooftop. However, adding a rooftop cargo bag by Auperto is superbly created to fit different vehicles. Boasting 2 protective aspects, it efficiently protects luggage from water as well as damage by sunlight. Made of 500D folder as well as fitted canceled zipper helps to protect luggage from dirt, rain snow, and others.

Amazingly, the bag is capable of working in winters and summers. With the ability to operate on -30 to 50 degrees C, you can use it everywhere in the world. For secure fixing, each bag comes with 8 straps measuring 1 foot. Additionally, the large capacity 15 cubic feet it means more luggage without stretching the bag.

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3. Egofine Rooftop Waterproof Car Rooftop Cargo Carrier Bag for Cars

When going for camping or outdoor adventure, don’t clutter your luggage on the trunk. Opting for the best rooftop cargo bag can be a fantastic solution. This waterproof car rooftop carrier bag by Egofine enables people to enjoy excellent load carting convenience. With high compatibility, it can comfortably fit in SUV, vans, and cars easily.

The waterproof construction ensures the bag doesn’t leak water hence safe for various luggage. The 165 cubic feet capacity is fantastic and enables it to fit cases and camping tents. The combination of zipper closure, Velcro cover and heavy-duty straps make the bag secure and simple to install. Above all, it’s ideal for vehicles with 2 or 4 roof racks.

4. Slimack Rooftop Cargo Carrier Waterproof Luggage Carrier with Mat

The Slimack waterproof cargo bag is a great choice to increase your car luggage carrying capacity. Suited for all weather conditions, it has a tough shell made to resist wind, dust, water, and snow. Additionally, the UV protection makes it last for long since it experiences less damage by extreme sunshine. Constructed with easy fitting, it can be used on sedans, SUVs, and minivans.

When bot in use, this carrier bag is easy to store. It fits in small space hence a great way to ensure there is no substantial space usage in your trunk. Enhanced with heavy-duty zipper closure, this bag has excellent protection against moisture and other elements. A bonus mat keeps the roof clean and avoids scratches.


5. Justin Case 19 Cubic Feet Heavy Duty Waterproof Rooftop Cargo Carrier Bag

When going out with family, a quick solution to excess load is a rooftop carrier bags. They are practical and reliable ways to ensure there is enough space to avoid stacking everything on the truck. Unlike other carriers, this one has a great capacity to ensure more luggage without any issue. In fact, with 19 cubic feet, it can store a variety of essentials needed when on the move or camping.

The advance design and heavy-duty 600D construction materials make it excellent for all weather use. On the other hand, the secure 4 door hooks keep it in position when driving even on windy condition. The sturdy zippers are classic in ensuring proper protection to keep everything stored safely. Also, 8 Velcro fastener, zipper closure, and double strap cover give this bag high durability.