Irrespective of your wall’s spotless and crisp nature, utilizing Projector Screens with your projector is always a better option. A projector screen is the ultimate projecting spice that will get you from watching sub-par image quality to the crystal clear projector display.

Below, we review the Top 10 Best Projector Screens in 2019. Featured in this post, are all types of projector screens, including the freestanding and the wall mounted ones/ Manual and motorized.
Depending on your budget, you should expect to spend between $70 to 350$ on a reliable and durable projector screen.

1. JaeilPLM 100-Inch Wrinkle-Free

JaeilPLM ranks among the best projector screen manufacturers. This 100-inch portable projector screen ranks among the best this year with no hassle. It weighs only 15lbs, for easy storage and transport. With a 100-inch, 16:9 aspect ratio screen, this screen delivers exclusive 4K projection.

You are bound to love the superior construction of this projector screen. It’s constructed from wrinkle-free, PVC material, guaranteeing its durability. Also, the featured aluminum setup stand that assumes a triangular base after installation improves the stability of this unit significantly.

Setting up this projector is as easy as pie. You will need less than 15 minutes to get this unit ready for the job. The one-year warranty manufacturer’s warranty offered for this screen will let you use this unit with no worries.

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2. Elite Screens Manual, Pull Down Projector Screen

Among the best budget projector screens on the market today. It is 100-inch in diagonal and has a 16:9 aspect ratio. You get a viewing size of 49” (H) X 87.2” (W) with an overall size of 59.8(H) X 93.8” (W). The screen has a 180 degrees viewing angle for better projection.

It is mildew resistant, easy to clean with water and soap and very durable. The screen features 2-inch interval auto lock mechanism allowing various height settings. The projector screen has a slow retracting mechanism for secure and safe return when not in use. Installing on both the ceiling and wall is easy. It comes with a mounting kit and a 2-year warranty.

3. VIVO 100″ Projector Screen

This is a durable projector screen. It has a durable metal casing that you can use for dual wall or ceiling installation design. It is perfect for home and business use. The projector has a crisp viewing angle that stretches up to 120 degrees with a matte white surface. Which diffuses light in all directions.

The projector has a Maxwhite 1.1 gain screen materials with a standard black backing which eliminates light penetration. The projector has four black side borders which enhance picture contrast and helps absorb light overshoot. It comes with a built-in mounting which you can use for easy wall or ceiling mounting process. The screen is universally compatible with most LCD, LED or DLP projectors on the market.

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4. Motorized Electric Auto HD Projection Screen

This is a motorized electric auto HD projection screen. It has 100-inch and comes with a 4:3 display. You can experience beautiful bright images with the 13 high gain black border matter. The black border matte comes with a white screen for better display.

The 4:3 projection screen is easy to maintain, mount and features a lightweight case. It also comes with an anti-fabric and anti-static screen. The motor operated screen can run smoothly and silently. Moreover, it has a remote control to make your work easier while using the projection screen. The screen is perfect for classrooms, businesses, and homes. The screen has a case dimension of 92.5” (L) x 4.75” (W).

5. Elite Screens Yard Projector Screen OMS120H2

This is a great screen projector. It is 120-inch and has 16:9 ratio. The screen is 4K Ultra HD ready portable and considered the best Foldaway movie theatre projector screen front projection. The screen has a matte white, cinewahite and 1.1 gain. It is a great outdoor front projection screen materials that are suitable for all weather conditions whether it is raining or shining. The screen gives you 180 degrees viewing angle. The projection has black masking borders that enhance picture contrast.


Any of the above ten projector screens will give you the best projection. Choose the one that best meets your needs. The projector screens are compatible with many projectors hence you can comfortably use them without any problems. You can consider the viewing angle and the screen size depending on the audience.